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3FREINDS are coming soon!

3FRIENDS are coming soon

We are so excited to announce that our launch date has been confirmed! We will upload our first episode on 6th June 2021 @ 6pm (Melbourne time) on our website.

How does it work?

Just like watching any series. No super power required. There will be pinyin, Chinese subtitles as well as an English translation. So you will know what's happening in the series.

There are 2 parts in each video - Normal Speed & Slow Motion. We recommend you watch without pausing for the first time, just to get a sense of what is happening. And then you can start going through vocabulary, which will be listed below every episode.

3FRIENDS Speaking Seminar

It's important to keep learning. But using what you have learnt is just as important. We will run speaking seminars for you to practice what you have learnt from 3FRIENDS. Click "SPEAK" on the website menu and find out more information.

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