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A mini series that helps you to speak Chinese like a native



Named herself after the character from the TV series - Stranger Things. But unlike the Eleven from Stranger Things, Eleven always wears a big smile on her face and it seems that nothing in the world can really bother her.

Weakness: Cannot say no to food

小姿 (xiǎo zī)

Smart but very bossy! 小姿 loves to try different ideas and see if she can really become a boss one day. Besides working on thousands of different ideas, she enjoys hanging out with friends and talking about unimportant things in life.

Weakness: Believes whatever people say


100% made in Canada. Super generous and always thinks of others before himself. Matt has recently started learning Chinese Mandarin. He wants to show everyone that if he can speak Chinese, everyone can.

Weakness: Likes to buy too much

小壞蛋 (Brat) wants to say hi too! Meow~

Real Life Conversation

The conversation in 3 FRIENDS reflects real life conversation. So you can easily copy what you hear from the series and use it whenever you are in a similar situation.

Real Life Events

3 FRIENDS is up to date! What you see in 3 FRIENDS will reflect what is happening around the world. And we will introduce hot topics to the series when there are any. So you can learn the relevant vocabulary and phrases to use straight away!

Real Life You

We would like to you how you are going with your speaking skills. It is very hard to know if you are pronouncing the words correctly or not without any reference. We can help you with this! Record and submit your audio file to us anytime to get feedback!

Shots from 3FRIENDS

3FRIENDS update

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3FRIENDS is created by the sole trader TZU YU KO and her team. We aim to provide the free content for as long as we could. Your support can help us to achieve the goal. Please use the donate button to donate. Any amount is welcome.

Thank you!